the_vu_front The Vu

Suffering from post traumatic amnesia, Sabella Hall begins to remember her abusive father and discovers an amazing ability. She is sought out by the leader of The Vu, a clan of those with gifts such as hers. As she journeys through using her gift, finding new love, experiencing betrayal, and remembering her past, she faces off against a shocking adversary.

gathering-front The Gathering

Settling into life as the leader of her coven, Sabella tries to move beyond her terrible past and into a promising future. When the Vu elders call for the Gathering, in which new elders are chosen and no one is spared, she must travel with her coven to undergo the testing in hopes of returning home. Meanwhile, a new coven member threatens to disrupt everything. Who is he? Is he trying to kill her? What connection does he have to her past?

shades_front The Shades of Orthea

Fiona had all she desired: a loving family, a handsome fiance, and a peaceful village. Then, the Vikings came. Her family dead and her home burned, she finds herself whisked away by unseen forces to another world where everything looks the same but is so very different. She is taken in by a group of travelers who aren’t what they seem, and discovers she’s more like them than she expected. The marauder general Ravi is pursuing the power of Oldgrange with his disembodied companion, the sorceress Alena. Fiona and her new friends must rally together to stop this formidable force.

Coming Soon:

The Reckoning (The Vu: Book Three)
The Shades of Orthea: Book Two (working title)
The Last Legion (working title)
Love After Death (Short Story)


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