My Word for 2017


Welcome to 2017, a fresh chance to make your year the best yet!

I’ve put some thought into my word focus for the year. What will help drive me to achieve my possibles and impossibles? Let’s look at my list of Resolutions (more of a guideline, really):

  • Spend more quality time with my husband and children. Admittedly, I’m a bit offish with my kids sometimes…I have so many things I need to be doing All. The. Time. This leads me to the next one:
  • Prioritize and organize better. I’m considering making a daily and weekly list of things that need to happen in the order they need to be completed. Of course, this list is probably going to be fluid enough to give me some flexibility. With a large family, you never know what wrenches will be thrown into the machinery.
  • Publish three books. This includes the one I’m currently editing to re-release. Books include my standalone 900 AD Ireland mythological fantasy, my post-apocalyptic shapeshifter novel, and the third installment to the Sabella Hall series. These by themselves require the utmost in discipline, ergo my next list item:
  • Write for 20 minutes, every day, no exceptions. Edit a chapter a day. Make no excuses.
  • Get back to FlyLady. I used to use her cleaning and organization technique religiously. I fell off the bandwagon when I went back to work full time and need to get back to my routines. This includes 15 minutes of loving movement. I’m thinking yoga is a good place to start. And last but not least:
  • Tend to my health. I have some health issues that have become larger unaddressed or have been looked into but not treated to full capacity. I have painful lumps in my neck and a section of the spine near my neck is tender to the touch. I get constant headaches from these lumps. I need to have them rechecked (already gone through a HUGE round of steroids and daily stretches). I need a partial hysterectomy. I need to have my abdominal hernia mesh reevaluated and possibly removed. I only list these things to give myself more incentive, because when you stop to think about the issues, they aren’t little bitty paper cut problems. I need to take care of myself so I’m better equipped to be a good mom, wife, and overall human being.

And so, my word of the year is one that best puts all of this into perspective. 2016 (and previous years) have been full of laziness, self-doubt, procrastination, and frumpiness. This year I know I can do it.


In family, in friends, in work, in life may I hold the dedication to see things through.

Happy New Year 2017, y’all!

What’s your word for the year? Comment below!

Have a few moments for some awesome? Please visit my sister’s blog over at An Oregon Homestead for her word of the year and much more!


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