Using Pinterest To Plan Your Novel

With NaNoWriMo looming just 9 days away, many writers are scrambling to plot, plan, and assemble their tools. I’m no exception, as I just wrapped up a WIP and am now using my last week(ish) to get prepared and pumped up for the next one. As a pantser, I do most of my planning in my head, with the odd rambling segment written down before it escapes me. What I make the most use of these days, however, is Pinterest.

Pinterest? You mean that website where people collect wedding images and pictures of cute animals?

Um, yeah. BUT it has SO much more use and potential than that! See, Pinterest has blossomed since its infant days into a deep pool of ideas, information, and ways to collect them so that you can make sense of them. Better yet, it’s all virtual. I clipped out magazine models almost obsessively as a teenager, pasting them into notebooks and labelling them with the characters I saw them as. Now, Pinterest provides a much less tedious and much more portable way of doing the same exact thing.

I normally have my book planning folders Secret (a fairly new feature), but I’ve brought them out of the darkness and into the light, blowing the dust off the covers so you can have a visual demonstration.

Click each cover to be taken to its corresponding Pinterest folder.

shades_front  the_vu_front

If you spent a bit of time in those folders, you’ll get a feel for the story in different ways, such as physical attributes, personality, clothing, powers, weapons, and who I found inspirational to the story in any way. It’s a collection of my own, personal thought process in relation to each individual book.

So how do you get started? Well, if you’re one of the cavemen who aren’t signed up yet, you need to sign up for a free account, first. Then, just create a Board (your personal corkboard for ideas) and name it. I use the titles of the books and a disclaimer that it’s material for inspiration ONLY.

Then, do a search for the things you want to be inspired about. For me, collecting images of what the character might look like, act like, and dress like gives me a quicker feel for the character. This enables me to flesh them out in ways I might have otherwise struggled. You can pin straight from Pinterest, from other websites, or even from uploading a document/image from your computer.

The sky is the limit.

So, grab your Pinterest account (or make one) and give it a go. Comment here with some of your book inspiration links. I’d love to see them!

~*~ H ~*~


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