Sunday Post #4


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There’s not much to report right now except that I ordered the proof for The Shades of Orthea‘s new cover. I love the rebranding project I’ve started! The order’s in for a new cover for The Vu and I wait with baited breath for the designer to show me her magic. In the meantime, I’m writing on The Shades of Orthea: Book Two and hoping to finish in time to shoot for an early 2017 release date.


On a personal note, I’m gearing up for autumn and one of my favorite holidays: Samhain (Halloween). I want to buy all the decorations! Thankfully, my husband can (sort of) keep me in check or we might have a decked out house with no rent on it. I pulled out my witch cat mug and enjoyed my coffee so much more yesterday morning! Who else is a Halloween fan?

Brief, but I must get back to writing! Have a great and safe week!

~*~ H ~*~


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