Sunday Post #2


I have had an interesting week filled with overtime at my day job and coming close to finishing the short story I owe the wonderful people who have signed up on my mailing list. Want to be one of those lucky people? Click Here!

I also wrote a blog post about Race Tendencies in Literature, a fast overview of the way I see literature moving despite today’s pop culture views. The topic has been eating at me for awhile, so it’s great to get it out there, even if the post is just skimming the surface enough to beg an important question or two.

Camp NaNo is gearing up to kick off again July 1! I am excited to utilize this event to spring board finishing the next Shades of Orthea novel, since it has been long overdue. I’d like to see Fiona kick Ravi’s ass, eh? We’ll see what happens.

How’s your week been?


~+~ H ~+~


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