Sunday Post #1


It’s been a few days since the official launch of The Gathering, but I’m no less excited! If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, you should go do that now. Right now. It’s only $2.99 on Kindle, and if you haven’t read the first book, The Vu, it’s here for only 99¢. I guarantee you will love the story, as I loved crafting it.

On to other news, now that I’m not trying to finish revisions and do release stuff, I’m back at the writing board. This time, I’m finishing my first thriller short story. It’s untitled just yet, but it’s nearly done and ready for my exclusive readers. What’s an exclusive reader, you ask? Oh, just those who signed up for my newsletter. Want in? Well, go get on the list!  I don’t send constant emails to clog up your inbox, and you’ll be privy to special freebies no one else on the PLANET will get. I can’t wait to share more with you.

On the personal side, this last week I was on vacation from work. Although I didn’t go anywhere, I spent a lot of time with my children going to the park, on walks, and playing outside in the water hose. Returning to my day job was bittersweet. I loved cooking each meal for them and even cleaning up the house on a more spread-out schedule rather than hurriedly in the evenings.

This week brings the conclusion of my short story, as well as the rough outlining of the second book in the Shades of Orthea series and work on my stand-alone WIP. I need to be ready to take on Camp NaNo in just 11 days. Anyone else joining in?


One thought on “Sunday Post #1

  1. fuonlyknew says:

    Congrats on all of your writing endeavors. Sounds like things are going well. I too often stay home for my vacation. I just enjoy the down time and do as little as possible. LOL

    My Sunday Post


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