Deadpool: A Review



I wouldn’t be a very good nerd if I didn’t say a word (or ten) about Deadpool, the movie released just today (officially). I had the good fortune of seeing it last night with my husband after waiting months. I even wore my Deadpool t-shirt (see image). Bam.

I tend to be a little hard on movies for the simple fact that as an American Studies major, I learned critical thinking and cultural analysis in relation to all forms of media. Without giving any spoilers, here is my honest review.

Out of a 5 star rating, I give it…..*drum roll, please*………


Okay, so there IS no 10 out of 5 but the truth is that this is by far the best movie I have seen in quite awhile. No joke.

The beginning credits are, in true Deadpool style, sarcastic and hilarious. The audience was rolling with laughter before we even got past the first ten seconds. The presentation of the cast was innovative and eye-catching. The story, while surrounding the traditional “damsel in distress” premise, is told in an engaging and predominantly non-sexist way. While Deadpool’s girlfriend, Vanessa, is in peril, we see strong, take-no-shit female characters like Angel Dust and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

Ryan Reynolds was the perfect fit for the role, with his quick delivery of sarcastic wit. You wonder, deep down, how much is improv because it seems so off the cuff. In the world of comedy, this is essential to audience. To cast anyone else would have been a severe injustice to the character and to Deadpool fans.

My only major regret with this motion picture is the level of sexual references, actions, and nudity is fairly severe. If it was rated “R” for violence and language, there’s a chance my teenagers could see it but this is not the case. I warn parents to be cautious about letting anyone under the age of 17 see it. This was a disappointment for my younger kids, who will have to wait years to watch.

In a nutshell, the jokes are funny, the story is easy to follow, the characters are memorable, and you will laugh your way from beginning to end. At one point, I couldn’t see the screen for all the tears in my eyes. I haven’t laughed that hard at a movie in a long time. After the credits, in true Marvel style, there is a hint at the sequel. I won’t spoil it for you.

In the end, there is no review that will do Deadpool justice. Get a babysitter and GO SEE IT.

~*~ H ~*~




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