Self-Publishing – Is It Worth It?


As a self-published author, I have had people ask me if it is worth it to self-publish. I have contemplated and debated this, and I wanted to show some of the pros and cons of this route of publishing.

In self-publishing, you call the shots. Literally, everything is your decision. You decide what scenes stay and go, what cover to use, where the book will be sold, and everything in-between. On the flip side, this also means you do not have the automatic editor who will sit there and tear apart your manuscript so that you can put it back together better than it was before. Editing services can be pricey, particularly for a good one. On the plus side, many editors will split the cost with half (or similar) up front and the rest upon delivery. This causes the affordability potential to raise exponentially.

Cover designing is another point to consider. It can also be costly to bring in an artist experienced in cover design. If you are an artist, yourself, you can try your hand at making your own cover. This is by far the most cost effective route, but I strongly advise looking at the covers of other books in your genre that are doing well and seeing what cover elements they have in common. Like it or not, readers will judge a book by its cover and you want that first impression to hook them.

One of the hardest parts of self-publishing is the marketing aspect. You have to get out there, take a chance, meet new people and interact with them. Any more, many authors who are with a publishing house are said to have to do more marketing than they used to do to the expanding publishing market. I cannot attest to this personally, but it is worth mentioning. Self-published authors have a lot of footwork to do, particularly with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. It can be quite time-consuming but also very rewarding. In-person events are great ways to promote yourself, as well.

If you are debating what route to take, just look at the different aspects of both roads and decide which you want to travel. Make it worth it. Network. Meet new people. Above all else, write that story, and the next.

Good luck!

~*~ H ~*~


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