Happy Halloween/NaNoWriMo Eve!


I hope this post finds you all ready to suit up and rumble! The time has come to collect your yearly due of candy sacrifices and sit down to write the first draft of your dreams. I say first draft because there will be more, and there will be blood. As a writer, I have finished half the NaNoWriMo Novembers I have attempted. I have one published novel, one published serial novella, and more works on the way. The program, should you choose to use it, WORKS.

The key to successfully completing NaNoWriMo–and 50,000 words–is to boot your inner editor out the door. Don’t worry about whether or not you spelled minuscule correctly, that is what revising, editing, and SPELL CHECK are for. Pound out those words, tell that story, and let your characters be heard. There will be plenty of time later to nitpick and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

I have accepted the illustrious position of NaNoWriMo Ambassador, which means it is up to me–and whoever else was chosen–to keep writers on track, give them that boost, and pound their heads with a hammer if they stray from the written path. Just kidding (about the hammer). But seriously, keep going. Get that story written.

“I can’t do that many words!” you say. Well, if I can be a good wife, mother to my seven children, take care of the eclectic set of animals around here, and work full-time, I do not see any excuses out there. Too many distractions? Put on headphones and listen to some Two Steps From Hell. Have writer’s block? Cure it with this.

Keep. Moving. Forward.

And enjoy your Halloween/Samhain!

Blessed be.

~*~ H ~*~



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